Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wildflowers by Robin Jones Gunn

Wow!  I've read this book before and enjoyed it then, but I think I understood and appreciated it more now that I'm married.  This book follows Gena.  She has been married over 20 years and has 3 daughters with her husband.  They are in a committed marriage, but for Gena things have changed over time.  She has lost the love she once had for her husband and the desire to commune with God as well.  During this story, Gena comes to realize many things about herself, God, and her husband.  Only having been married almost 5 1/2 years myself, I can't relate entirely to Gena's struggles.  However, I certainly can relate to some parts of her story, and I think many readers will be able to do the same.  I found the story to be very real in many respects and found some eye-opening truths in the pages as well.  The only sadness for me in reading Wildflowers is that it's the last book in Gunn's Glenbrooke Series.  When you've been a fan of Christy Miller, Glenbrooke, and Sierra Jensen as long as I have, sometimes it can be difficult to close that last book and have to let the characters go until the next time.  Other than that, I really enjoyed rereading this wonderful story of refreshing, reawakening, and rebirth.  It is a great story about marriage, friendship, and family.  I hope you'll take the time to read Wildflowers.  To do it right, I recommend starting with book one in The Glenbrooke Series - Secrets - and then continuing on through the series until you reach the end - Wildflowers, book eight.

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