Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catching Katie by Robin Lee Hatcher

Join Katie as she sets out to change the way the things are done and the way people believe.  Katie is a woman with a mission - a mission to help every woman in the United States have the right to vote.  She has spunk, spark, and a heart to do as God has called her to do.  What she doesn't realize is that sometimes things don't always go according to plan.  Hearing from God and actually listening to what He's really saying can sometimes mean two different scenarios.  Read along as Katie discovers that there is a plan for her life that will allow her to change the world and to have more than what she'd ever expected.  You will enjoy her story of coming home and finding what is truly meant for her life.  She has a faith beyond what she sees in her world in 1916 - a faith for what the future could hold.  I really enjoyed this story - it made me want to learn more about the suffrage movement.  I hope you will find it as enjoyable as I did!

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