Monday, August 9, 2010

Whirlwind by Cathy Marie Hake

Cathy Marie Hake has done it again!  She has written another great story for her readers to dive into.  The story of Millie and her journey from England to America and what happens is definitely a page-turner.  I so enjoyed all the wonderful characteristics that Millie has - she's caring, loyal, intelligent, creative, generous, sweet, kind, and so much more.  A grand leading lady for this story of sadness and joy and ups and downs.  She definitely fits in with the rest of the Gooding ladies.  I really feel like I'm a part of the story when I read a Hake book.  She spins such marvelous tales.  I question her choosing to do certain things with some of her characters, but I know she has her reasons and so that's usually enough for me to be "okay" with her choices.  A quality, enjoyable tale from an author who has definitely made a name for herself in this business.  If you enjoy a good historical fiction novel, then you must read the entire Only in Gooding! Series.  This is book number three in the series.  Begin your journey with Fancy Pants, I know you'll be glad that you did!!

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