Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Beyond the Clouds by Karen Kingsbury

This book was powerful!  I found the characters real, vulnerable, and well-written.  Cody has such a struggle in his heart after the loss of his wife, and he wants so much to "protect" his brother that he loses sight of what is really important to Carl Joseph.  Elle has a scar from a past relationship that she uses to shield herself from potential relationships.  She pours all she has into her students and her family as a form of self-protection.  What could God possibly do with these two people?  He could work a special miracle in their hearts and bring about something truly special for them.  Both having a sibling with Down Syndrome causes Cody and Elle to understand a truth that the average person may not, life is to be enjoyed.  They understand that life isn't always easy for everyone, but both come to see that sometimes it isn't the person with the handicap that is truly handicapped.  Sometimes we inflict handicaps of different sorts upon ourselves for one reason or another, and they become chains that bind us into a world that we shouldn't be living in.  A world limited in scope and expression.  I found the characters in this story to be rich and full of lessons for all of us.  Humans with human hearts and human flaws but with the potential to see what the Creator could and would have for them.  A truly great story for your heart and your walk with God!

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