Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Being the huge Jane Austen fan that I am, I have read and enjoyed all 6 of her complete novels (some on more than one occasion).  What a treat to be able to read and review this special edition of Sense and Sensibility from Bethany House!  I usually rank Sense and Sensibility in my top 4 favorite novels from Jane Austen.  I know there are only 6, which doesn't say much for my thoughts on 5 and 6.
In this timeless tale from Austen's hand, we find truths that still resonate with us today.  Struggles with money, love, truth, honesty, chivalry, etc.  The story of the Dashwood sisters is one that I cannot truly relate to since I only have a brother, but I find their love and care for each other to be genuine and true.  They each have their own defined personality and this can sometimes make for a lack of complete understanding between them.  Elinor, being the oldest of the sisters, certainly takes her role to heart in her choice of actions concerning Marianne and the rest of her family.  This story is full of rich characters: Colonel Brandon, Edward Ferrars, Willoughby, Sir John, John and Fanny Dashwood, etc.  Some characters will be dearly loved at the end of the book and some will leave you with a rather sour taste in your mouth.  But reading an Austen novel is always worth the time.  The language, history, ideas, and wit presented from Jane are rich and enjoyable.  I like the family in this story - Mrs. Dashwood, Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret.  They are a wonderful example to us.  I really think that Jane Austen truly wanted to give us a treasure when she illustrated some of her characters so well, and that is especially true in her representation of this family.  Family, I believe, was very dear to Jane.  This story is one of love, betrayal, family, and much more.  I truly recommend it to one and all.
The fun thing about this particular copy of Sense and Sensibility is that the wonderful people at Bethany House added some fun trivia and other tidbits to the novel.  Reading the bits of history, opinions on characters, word definitions, and other remarks made the novel more enjoyable.  In a way, it also felt as if someone was reading along with me and sharing their thoughts with me.  Who doesn't enjoy talking about a good book with their friends?  I really found this addition of detail to make this edition of the book a much more fun one to read and enjoy!  Definitely a good copy to share with fellow Austen enthusiasts!

This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers.

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