Saturday, October 26, 2013

Desperate Households: How to restore order and harmony to your life and home By Kathy Peel

Kathy Peel is the Family Manager extraordinaire.  In Desperate Households, she covers 10 areas that can cause stress to Family Managers.  These areas include: dinnertime, clutter, finances, priorities, self-development, and others.  With real-life examples and great tips/ideas that can be easily implemented, this book is a must read for any Family Manager in need of some de-stress tactics.  Is your morning routine causing issues within your family, or do school days send you into a whirlwind of lost shoes?  Then I highly recommend this easy read!  You can even skip right to the chapter that really speaks to your current need!  I suggest tackling one area at a time rather than trying to hit all 10 at once.  That would cause you more stress!  Great hints from her own experience and that of other women will set you on the road to order and easy-breathing.  Don't be "desperate" anymore - read Desperate Households!

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