Sunday, January 11, 2015

7: an experimental mutiny against excess by Jen Hatmaker

I just finished reading 7.  Wow!  This book is full of non-conventional thoughts (even for most Christians), but it held my attention and got my thought-wheels turning.  I highly recommend this book to everyone!  You will be challenged to rethink many things in your life.  You will open places that have been collecting dust and haven't "bothered" you for years.  You will find that the truth is not what you thought.  "Those" places have been bothering you, but you have found yourself sweeping them under the rug without realizing it.  Spending has caught you in its clutches, food has taunted you into eating more and more, possessions have filled and overflowed your closets and drawers.  You can't seem to understand why you are constantly spent, feeling as though you've been chasing your tail for weeks, months, or maybe years, yet you know that your stress level is through the roof from busyness.  Your kids play two sports each, you are involved in a Bible study on Tuesdays, an exercise class on Thursdays, and host a dinner party twice a month, your husband goes bowling every Friday night, and all of you have one to two activities every Saturday.  Why?  What's the reason?  The point?  Is there something you're running from or to?  Maybe you need a breather, a quiet space to rethink your life and all its many trappings.  If you're feeling like too much is really just too much, then you need to read 7.  In Jen Hatmaker's book, you will find a real person who really did an "experiment" sharing her real life with you.  She is upfront, honest, and open with her follies, mistakes, and victories.  If you don't want your current life situation challenged, your views questioned, your ideals stretched, then DO NOT read 7.  I don't believe you'd enjoy any part of Jen's story if you're happy with the status quo of your life.  If, however, you're curious about what all the fuss is about, then read this book with an open mind.  You never know how God may use the words within 7 to get you thinking, pondering, and considering the normal everyday of your life.  For more on how this book has impacted me and what I plan to do because of it, please visit  Sometimes we all need to be stretched, molded, and remade with God's best for us in mind.  Enjoy, friends!

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