Monday, October 11, 2010

A Wish for Christmas by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer

Another great installment in the Cape Light series.  I always enjoy coming back to these characters again and again.  I could personally live without the constant Christmas theme that has found its way into the titles and stories of the last several books in the series, but I do still enjoy the stories and the characters.  Cape Light has a way of drawing you back over and over, despite yourself.  If you enjoy small-town life, you should really check out Cape Light and its plethora of unique and interesting characters.  In A Wish for Christmas, the story focuses on David Sawyer, son of Jack Sawyer, and the ever-stalwart Lillian Warwick.  You may find some unexpected treasures in the story as well with Grace Hegman and her father, Digger.  The stories in this installment were enjoyable and worth the read.  Check it out and prepare for the next book - due out in November.  Enjoy!!!

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