Monday, May 17, 2010

A Christmas to Remember by Thomas Kinkade & Katherine Spencer

I must say that I’m getting a little sick of the Christmas-themed books, but other than that this latest installment was great. Here we get to find out more about Lillian and her past. We find that she is very much the same as she was as a young woman, but we also learn that she has changed due to life’s circumstances. Also, Lucy Bates has some struggles with her nursing plan, and Sara and Luke have some changes in their lives as well. Step into a new Cape Light story and learn more about what makes these people jump off the page. Once you read one Cape Light novel, you won’t ever want to leave. There is just a sense of coming home when you immerse yourself in the happenings of this sweet, little town in Massachusetts where miracles can and do happen in the little, everyday occurrences of life. Get your copy of this Kinkade and Spencer adventure and curl up by a cozy fire with a hot cup!

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