Monday, May 17, 2010

Diamonds by Shari MacDonald

Join Casey Foster as she leads the Bend Bachelors through a season of minor league baseball. Casey has enjoyed baseball since she was a young girl and has now inherited a team from her uncle. Can she prove to these men and to herself that she is a capable owner and leader, even though she’s a woman? Will Tucker Boyd be the major league pitcher he once was before a shoulder injury? Or will he stay in the minors? And will a father’s abandonment or high expectations be the undoing of God’s work? Casey has her work cut out for her, but with God’s guidance and grace, she’ll make it through to all the blessings He has for her. And Tucker will gain a new appreciation for the sport he plays and a true love of the game. If you want a little more sparkle in your life, then pick up a copy of Diamonds and find a field in which to enjoy it.

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