Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bittersweet by Cathy Marie Hake

Have you been praying and believing for one thing and God has given you something completely different? Laney has been in love with Galen for years. He has looked at her as his friend’s little sister and found her too young for himself. What is a Christian lady in California in the 1800s to do? Keep following God, especially when the unthinkable happens and it becomes apparent that she can never marry Galen. This book is the sequel to Letter Perfect. It took me several months to read it because I knew that some parts of it would hurt and upset me, but when I finally read it all the way through, it was great. The story speaks of redemption, forgiveness, patience, and God’s kind of love. It’s truly a great story, with all the qualities of one of the great Bible stories.

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