Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Texas Sky by Lori Wick

Darvi just wanted to see her friend, Mary, so she could share her news. How was she to know that Mary had moved? Why did things always seem to happen to her or around her anyway? Darvi hadn’t realized it until Dakota pointed it out, but her uncle knew all along. Dakota has been injured and needs to recover before going back to Ranger duties, but he seems to think he’s rested enough. So his boss asks him for a favor, and the adventure begins. God has His hand in everything, even when Darvi is taken. Captives witnessed in the Bible, and Darvi does to as she flows from Lori Wick’s heart onto the page for her readers. Lori Wick has blessed readers with a wonderful (although somewhat stressful) second book in her Yellow Rose Trilogy. She has given her readers a thought-provoking read with unexpected events. Join Darvi and Dakota on their journey under A Texas Sky, and you won’t be sorry that you took the time!

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