Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series by Neta Jackson

This series of books is amazing! I actually had the first book checked out from the library a long (as in years, I think) time ago, but I never really got into it. Then I started listening to the books on CD on my way to work and “Wow” they were really, really good. I was drawn into the story of these women who meet up at a Chicago women’s conference where they are thrown randomly together into a prayer group. Women from many different backgrounds in many different circumstances. Real women! These characters jump off the page with authenticity. Jodi Baxter is the “main” character, and she comes through many trials (as do the other ladies) and lessons from God. She grows and is stretched in her faith. These stories lead you to want to keep reading and learn more about these women and from these women. I feel even more strongly after reading this series of books that God can use any means He wants to speak to His people, including Christian fiction. I would highly recommend these books to anyone wanting to really see how the power of prayer and friendship can change lives in unexpected ways. They are so good you won’t want to stop until the end, and then you’ll be sad that the adventure is over. Take a chance and get reading.

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