Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miriam’s Well by Lois Ruby

As a Christian, have you ever wondered about the beliefs of those individuals of different denominations or other faiths. If you have, then I recommend this book by Lois Ruby about Miriam. Miriam is a seventeen-year-old girl that belongs to a faith that does not believe in doctors and medical attention, but Miriam has recently been diagnosed with bone cancer. Follow her journey as she discovers what happens to her faith and her relationships when something as powerful and painful as cancer enters her life. It’s a journey that we most likely won’t agree with, but it’s a journey worth reading about and discovering what we truly believe and why. This book contains some language and some “situations,” so I would recommend it to the over-13 crowd. Parents may want to read this book before allowing their children to read it, depending on your personal standards. I do believe it would be a great book for some deep discussion. If you want a “thinker,” then pick up a copy of this interesting novel and settle in for some thought-production.

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