Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland

Is your life all that it should be? Is it full to the brim with the things you are meant to do? Are you serving God in the capacity for which He made you? If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you can relate to Johanna Holland of Saginaw, Michigan. She works as a librarian, takes care of her parents, has never been married, has only flown once, and is forty years old. At this point, a nice male surgeon named Sam Littleton enters her life. He is a great man with a heart for missions—foreign missions. These two people with different callings on their lives start spending time together and are drawn closer to each other. What is in store for a librarian and surgeon with a heart for a remote village in Papua New Guinea. It’s sure to be only something God can plan and work out to perfection. Go on an adventure as only Lori can take you on, as you learn about the people of Papua New Guinea and the missionaries who care deeply for them. Follow Johanna on her journey to God’s way rather than her way. Along the path there will be some rough spots, and you may even trip and fall on your face. Only God truly knows where He wants each of us and what our purpose is when we get there, but if we close ourselves off, we’ll never experience those things. Read as Johanna changes from a self-centered, materialistic woman to the woman God has made and called her to be. This is a work of fiction that opens eyes. Cut up some fresh pineapple, find a spot in the heat (away from the ants), and experience Monday Morning Faith.

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