Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Every Little Thing About You by Lori Wick

Why on earth are they letting her act as deputy? What could they possibly be thinking? Slater Rawlings is in Shotgun, but he hadn’t planned to be there. But God had. Liberty Drake is only doing her job when she meets Slater for the first time. What is he hiding? Hmmm… So many questions. But what a nice man. Can a female deputy and a former Texas Ranger find God’s plan in the midst of personal turmoil? With Lori Wick at the keyboard – anything is possible! Head to Texas for a little fun, a lot of laughs, and love – Lori Wick style. She always warms my heart and invites me back for more. If you’ve enjoyed other Lori Wick novels, then you’ll find all of the characters in this book just as real and wonderful. Lori Wick brings lessons from God to the pages of her books and to the hearts of her readers. Why not see what’s so special about Every Little Thing About You? Texas may never look the same again!

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