Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Halos by Kristen Heitzmann

Alessi had seen a halo so this must be the place where she should be, right? Then why all the trouble and terror? She knew that it just had to be – halos were always good. Alessi is a 21-year-old with an innocent spirit and an amazing boldness. She comes to Charity not knowing what it holds for her or that she was even going to end up there. God knew though. In Charity, she meets and befriends three men. Steve is the one that is the most captured though. Alessi is so innocent – too innocent and naive to be for real. Hmmm… What could the truth be? Is she really telling them all the truth? This book is not your typical Christian fiction. It isn’t fluffy and it isn’t predictable, but it’s really good and captures your attention well. Kristen Heitzmann has done a wonderful job of drawing in her reader and keeping their attention. Halos is a book that you will want to read, but you might need a tissue. If you enjoy uncovering the truth and cheering for the underdog, pick up Halos and find your way to Charity!

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