Wednesday, May 19, 2010

City Girl by Lori Wick

Reagan Sullivan wanted to go on a new adventure. New York City was good, but it wasn’t quite what she wanted anymore. Being a nanny would be fun and challenging and different, and Texas sounded good too. She made her way there with plans, but when she arrived things had changed. That was okay; she just needed a new plan. Cash Rawlings had his ranch and many matchmakers on his hands, but Cash was content and happy. He wanted to get married sure, but he knew God had the right woman and the right timing. Cash also knew that he did not, so he’d leave it in God’s very capable hands. These two are thrown together in circumstances somewhat beyond their control, and something seems to happen. Hmmm… God is amazing, isn’t he? If you’ve enjoyed Every Little Thing About You and A Texas Sky, then you are sure to enjoy the last book in Lori Wick’s wonderful Yellow Rose Trilogy. You probably don’t want to read this book while riding a bicycle; why not find some shade under a tree instead!

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