Monday, May 17, 2010

The Peacemaker by Lori Copeland

All Wynne wants to do is kill him. A simple thing really – track him down and kill him for what he’d done to her. God has other plans for Wynne though. The Peacemaker is a great start to what should prove to be another fun, enjoyable series from Lori Copeland. She brings us to the 1860s with flair and wit. A girl from Savannah sets out with revenge in her broken, hurt heart, but she ends up finding Cole Claxton. Cole is a man with little inclination toward matrimony because he doesn’t believe that the woman for him exists. Little does Mr. Claxton know that right in front of him stands the woman that may be the very one. Yes, she has a gun pointed at him, but he shouldn’t be scared by such trifling matters. It’s all out battle of the sexes against each other and maybe even against God. But God has it all planned out long before Miss Wynne and Mr. Cole Claxton figure out what’s hit them. Enjoy the first book in what should prove to be another winning series for Lori Copeland. If you want some 1860s fun and laughs, find that perfect chair and get comfy with The Peacemaker because Mr. Cole Claxton certainly knows how to sit in his saddle!

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