Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Unlikely Prince by Barbara Jean Hicks

Is it really possible for an old curmudgeon like Dr. Harrison Hunt and a playful gal like Suzie Wyatt to become friends? Author Barbara Jean Hicks thinks so because that’s the premise of her book An Unlikely Prince. Join seven energetic little bundles of fun as they set out (unwittingly) to win over Professor Hunt to the world of children. It’s quite an experience, especially when there’s a beautiful woman involved and a lonely next door neighbor. As we all know, God can do amazing things. Why not find out what makes An Unlikely Prince? You will enjoy the journey. There’s some interesting cake, a cat up a tree, a young pianist, a Betta fish, and much more along the way. Take a trip to a quiet street in a little town in Washington and find out what can happen when God mixes things up a little.

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