Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dangerous Sanctuary by Lois Richer

She was running, but she wouldn’t admit it. The memories of what she’d lost were too painful, too sad. She found refuge in a place called Camp Hope. They needed a cook and a nurse, and she needed to keep herself busy. In the first installment of the Camp Hope series, Lois Richer brings us a story of renewal and hope that touches the heart and brings questions to the mind. She introduces us to Georgia, a woman with a painful, sorrowful past, and she also introduces us to Kent Anderson, a man with guilt, ambitions, and a heart for God. What is in store for these two people? Will they discover why someone seems to be after Georgia? Will they discover that God can bring about good from tragedy? It’s a story with heart and intrigue. Find a campfire, a fireplace, or, at least, a delicious cup of cocoa and curl up with Dangerous Sanctuary!

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