Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother of Prevention by Lori Copeland

Meet Kate Madison. Her husband died on-the-job. She has two little girls. Her world has shattered. How will she cope? Kate Madison will tell you herself that she’s a fraidy cat and a worrier. So how does Kate cope when her husband of almost nine years dies, leaving her with their two small daughters? At first, she doesn’t. She curls up in herself and refuses to face things. But God is by her side the whole time, even when Kate is angry or sad or withdrawn. This is Kate’s story. This is how she lives through the months following her husband’s death. She fails and falls down, but she also grows and learns and, most importantly, lives. If you’ve ever found yourself “alone” in this world, then you will relate to Kate’s story. You may have been blessed with a Mazi as Kate was, but even if you weren’t you’ll find God’s love and provision in this story. Lori Copeland has given us a treasure of God’s perfect plan in this story!

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