Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Full House of Growing Pains by Barbara Cameron with Lissa Halls Johnson

After reading Kirk’s book and discovering that his mother had written a book too, I had to borrow a copy from the library and read it. It was a very captivating story. Barbara Cameron writes about her family growing up, how she met her husband, and how she became the mother to two very popular TV show stars. The book really is so much more than just the facts about the “Hollywood” life. Barbara never let Kirk and Candace lead that life, and she never let herself fall into the pits that come with stardom. Her story is full of ups, downs, and traumas – the good, the bad, and the ugly! What life isn’t? What an awesome story! If you ever watched Growing Pains or Full House, then I know that you’ll enjoy learning about the story behind the story behind the story. It’s full of real life and the truth in one woman’s life. Read it – an empty house might be better though (so you won’t get interrupted!).

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