Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now and Always by Lori Copeland

Lori Copeland has written an interesting book with Now and Always, but I must admit it was not my favorite among her works. I usually find her books very enjoyable and recommend them to my reading friends. This book was one that I suggested for my book club, and it was voted for as one of our monthly reads. I thought the characters were intriguing and mostly well-written, but I had trouble with the storyline and Warren Tate in particular.
Kate Addison has a big heart, a very sad past, and a pile of bills. Where does that leave her when it comes to her shelter for abused women? Who will help her? Guide her? Will she be misled or led correctly? And most important of all, what does God want for Kate to do? Read this story of love, strength, and struggle to find out what’s true Now and Always.
Other great books by Lori Copeland include: Monday Morning Faith, Simple Gifts, the Brides of the West Series, and the Morning Shade Mystery Series.

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