Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gardenias for Breakfast by Robin Jones Gunn

As a mother or daughter, have you ever been at that place where you needed to understand your daughter or mother better? If that’s you, then Gardenias for Breakfast is your book. Follow Abby as she and her daughter journey from Hawaii to Louisiana on a trek to see Abby’s grandmother. It’s an opportunity that Abby has longed for so that her daughter can meet and connect with Grand Lady. What Abby discovers along the way is that she can loosen up a bit with her daughter, and she can make a relationship with her own mother too. Abby also comes to realize that just because she connected with her grandmother in a special way as a child doesn’t mean that her daughter will do the same. In fact, Abby’s daughter wants to connect with her own grandmother (Abby’s mother). It’s a story of the bonds of a relationship changing and growing and of pain diminishing while healing takes place. Robin has brought us a story outside her usual realm, but one that I found very helpful and profound on many occasions. So, why not have some Gardenias for Breakfast?

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