Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wind Dancer by Jamie Carie

I don’t normally read books like this one, but I thought, from the vague description that I’d read, that I would enjoy it. I must admit that at several points I would have given up, but I lead a book club and this was our book for August. As you can imagine, I forged ahead and kept reading. The story is historical and is a little more graphic than I would have liked. The fact is that people in the 1700’s dealt with the attacks and whatnot described in this book and so it was realistically portrayed. I enjoyed reading Isabelle’s story for the most part. She starts out on a journey to retrieve books for the local minister and finds herself in a much more dangerous situation than she could have imagined. She ends up in the company of an American – a scout who is checking on the forts in the area. He is a man with a past and a story and a desire to be a part of bringing about freedom for those around him. He joins George Rogers Clark’s army and is a catalyst with him in bringing amazing changes for the people in a land that still needs leadership and peace. That aspect of the book was awesome to read. I found myself really remembering the amazing things that the people of that time did to bring about freedom from evil, etc. Our founding fathers were setting about to do something that would change everything from that point forward. This was a very edge-of-your-seat, heartrending read. I ended up mostly enjoying it. If you like historical fiction with a real live cameo in it, then this is a great read for you. Enjoy!

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