Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Perfect Mess: Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Good Enough for God by Lisa Harper

I found this book to be very insightful. Lisa Harper uses illustrations from her own life to draw her reader in to each Psalm she discusses. She uses her knowledge of God’s Word and her study of biblical languages to give deeper understanding to each Psalm she writes about. The Psalms that are highlighted in this book really give you the feeling and belief that God loves His people in every way at all times. This isn’t to say that we can be reckless, but we can be a bit “messy” and He still cares for us. A Perfect Mess would make a great group study book for your women’s book club or prayer group. It is easy to follow and comprehend and it holds your attention. It certainly is not dry! I think that Harper does a wonderful job of giving us a little more light to shine on our reading of the Psalms.

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