Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Central Park by Debra White Smith

I think I may have actually enjoyed this version more than the original, and I do love my Jane Austen novels. Debra White Smith did a fine job with this rewrite of Mansfield Park. Francine is brought to Central Park to live with her rich relatives where she encounters Ethan. Ethan has been with the Barrimores for several years as their foster child. These two become fast and best friends over the next several years, but what happens when love of a more serious nature enters the picture? How can two people raised as siblings be in love with each other? Maybe it truly would be better if Carrie Casper won Ethan’s heart and Hugh Casper won Francine’s. Is that what Ethan and Francine want? Can Francine learn to speak her mind and her heart to those around her? Can God lead the way and make it clear what should be done? If you’ve enjoyed the originals by Miss Austen, you will certainly enjoy this wonderful rewrite in today’s scene. So why not take a trek to Central Park?

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