Saturday, May 22, 2010

On Every Side by Karen Kingsbury

This story is about so many great people. Jordan’s journey from his devastating past to a new place. Faith’s journey from a place of comfort to a place of boldness. Joshua’s journey from a place of following to a place of leading. This story drew me in and held my attention. I have never read any of Karen Kingsbury’s fiction. In some ways, I think I avoided it. I am glad I finally listened to my old friend’s recommendation about this particular title. It’s been years, but I finally listened. I’m really happy that I did. This is a powerful story of redemption, tearing down walls, and coming to a greater connection with God in your walk with Him. I really enjoyed it! It was, for some, predictable, but I even like those stories too. I went through most every emotion while reading this book, including: anger, sadness, happiness, joy, regret, etc. On Every Side is well worth the time it takes to read. I highly recommend this title myself and encourage you to go find a peaceful park bench and do a little reading. You’ll know what I mean!

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