Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Promise for Spring by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This book had a very similar story to another I read not to long ago, but I really enjoyed it. I thought the story of Emmaline who had not seen her betrothed in five years was an interesting tale. She was young when she saw him last in England. Geoffrey boarded a ship to America to forge a new life for himself and his future bride in Kansas. Time slipped away quickly and before he really realized it five years had gone by. He had promised to return for Emmaline in a year or two so that they could wed, but as we all can testify time slipped away from him. This story follows Emmaline as she arrives in Kansas and the struggles and heartaches that come. She and Geoffrey must learn to care for each other again.
It really was, overall, an enjoyable story. My one issue is Geoffrey. He is so blind to things and stubborn and I wanted to reach into the book and give the man a good shake. I guess that we all have our moments of being blind and stubborn and downright unaware of what we’re doing (or not doing) to those around us. I would say to you that this is a great story of being restored to God when we have given up on Him for one reason or another. Head to the library or the bookstore and pick up a copy of A Promise for Spring; I believe you will be glad you did!

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